About The Team

    • The CWHBA Young Breeders Team

      This year, the CWHBA is excited to have a full junior and full senior team ready to represent our organization at the 2017 International Young Breeders World Championships, which will be held right here in Calgary Alberta!!

      We are very fortunate to have young people from across the country representing us this year. Team selections were held in April, in Alberta.

      This year's Junior Young Breeders team will consist of Grace Arnburg(AB), Kiki Landsbergen (AB), Rebecca Russell (SK), and Alex Jamael (NB).

      This year's Senior Young Breeders Team will consit of Laura Iversen(AB), Tara Landsbergen (AB), David Jamael (NB), and Maria Ardito (ON), with Nicole Brandrick (AB) as the alternate.

      Everyone is busy preparing to do their best at this year's Championships.

      In August 2015, the CWHBA sent seven young women to represent our studbook at the 2015 International Young Breeders World Championships. The competition was held in Gloucester, Great Britain, and nearly 20 teams from studbooks all around the world were in attendance.

      Pictured above (from left to right) are team members Kiki Landsbergen, Nicole Berthelot, Grace Arnburg, Tara Landsbergen, Isis Landsbergen, Heather Gardiner and Laura Iversen.

      Teams at each World Championships consist of a junior and senior team from each WBFSH recognized studbook. Junior teams include participants between the ages of 16-19, and senior teams consist of participants between the ages of 20-25.

      The CWHBA has sent teams to the International Championships (held every other year) since 2003. Members of our Young Breeders program have travelled to places such as Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, France, Sweden and Great Britain. In 2017, we have the great honor of being the first North American studbook to host the competition. This exciting event will be held at the world-renowned Spruce Meadows facility. If you are interested in becoming a part of the junior or senior teams that will represent the CWHBA in 2017, please check for updates on this site, check out our Facebook page, or contact us for more information.